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Cube Stacker Cube Stacker Cube Stacker Cube Stacker

A GAME with different twist on Puzzles, it is a fun and educational way to learn you have to make monster building as big as u can with different monsters. A fast, fun game everyone can play! It will satisfy your gaming needs whether your looking for a relaxing lexical distraction intuition challenge. It will push your brain reaction skills to their limits and reward you for tactically planning ahead your next moves. - For kids and adults. - A leaderboard to show the best and top players - Game boosts your skills in correct balancing of an object - Fun and entertaining! - It's simple and easy. - Very easy to understand the game. - A fast-paced, exciting fun game - Clean intuitive interface and game play!!

Features and Requirements

  • Works perfectly on all IOS devices and Android Devices.
  • Applovin, Chartboost, Playheaven, Flurry, Vungle and Revmob.
  • No Bugs Guaranteed
  • Rate app pop up.
  • Inapp included for remove ad
  • Upload to Market < 30 Minutes.

How to Setup and Reskin

Open the xcode project.

All settings are located in the constant.h file, such as advertising network IDs, rate app id, in-app purchases (non- consumable) for the “remove-ads” functionality and applovin id is in info.plist.

All graphics included can be reused or modified for your own game theme.

The Resource folder contains all the images and sound.

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Operating system:
IOS7.x IOS8.x IOS9.x
64 Bit Supported:
Files included:
.h .m layered PNG
Integration time:
4:00 h
Tags :