Catch The Dwarf

Catch The Dwarf


Catch The Dwarf Catch The Dwarf Catch The Dwarf Catch The Dwarf Catch The Dwarf

We need your help! let's help the survivor beat the enemies! The goal is simple: run away from the mean enemies, but the game is not! With amazing graphics and sound effects you will have to move quickly to avoid geting caught by the enemies. By tapping on the screen the super guy will start walking on the sky or move back down to earth. Sounds amazing?... It is! You will need to do this in order to avoid falling into the gap or stumbling upon obstacles along the way. As you move further, the difficulty far can you get? Get ready for an addictive game that will have you hooked wanting to beat your own records! start running and having fun with this clever and highly addictive new game!

Features and Requirements

  • Works perfectly on all IOS devices and Android Devices.
  • Applovin, Chartboost, Playheaven, Flurry, Vungle and Revmob.
  • No Bugs Guaranteed
  • Rate app pop up.
  • Inapp included for remove ad
  • Upload to Market < 30 Minutes.

How to Setup and Reskin

Open the xcode project.

All settings are located in the constant.h file, such as advertising network IDs, rate app id, in-app purchases (non- consumable) for the “remove-ads” functionality and applovin id is in info.plist.

All graphics included can be reused or modified for your own game theme.

The Resource folder contains all the images and sound.

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Operating system:
IOS7.x IOS8.x IOS9.x
64 Bit Supported:
Integration time:
4:00 h
Tags :